Natural Bee Log

Our natural bee log attracts all types of pollinating solitary bees, perfect for any British garden.

The bee log is made from a hollowed out log with bark intact allowing it to look great in any garden.

The bee tubes will attract wild mason bees, so if conditions are good and the nester is facing south to south west it should quickly fill up with mason bee eggs. It is easy to observe as the bees will seal the tubes with sand, clay or soil, which shows that the tubes are occupied. One tube can hold several eggs. There are many types of solitary bees and the nesting log may also attract other species such as leaf cutter bees, which will cover the end of the tubes with a small piece of leaf.

The Solitary bees will develop inside the tubes and emerge the next spring to repeat the life cycle. Information about solitary bees is also included and full instructions on how to place the cocoons in your nester box/tubes.