Mealy Bug Parasite Wasp - Leptomastix dactylopii

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Leptomastix dactylopiis a tiny parasitic wasp that can be introduced to glasshouses for the control of Citrus mealybug [Planococcus citri] . These parasites are effective and useful when there are low numbers of mealybugs. They have an excellent searching ability for low densities of mealybugs. They can also be combined with the use of Cryptolaemus montrouzierifor mealybug control when there are high populations of mealybug.
  • Introduce when temperatures are above 18.c
  • Parasitized mealybug cocoons go a little darker in colour and the parasitic wasp emerges from a hole in the mummified mealybug that remains visible.
  • Supplied as a unit of 50 or 100 Leptomastix dactylopiparasitic wasps
  • Use in conjunction with Mealybug predators, if there are high numbers of Mealybugs