Live Ladybird Lodge


The Dragonfli live ladybird lodge has been designed as a safe release point and retreat for your ladybirds!

Our unique tubes of ladybirds fit specially inside the lodge and once released will venture out to eat garden pests such as aphids.

With a hinged roof and clear perspex window the design allows you to see any insects inside and introduce more with replacement tubes.

Why not let the children experience releasing live ladybirds or give a truly interactive gift to that special someone!

Available in three options;

Lodge Only

Receive the lodge, ready to place in the garden, you can fill the inside with rose cuttings, twigs and straw to provide a safe haven for beneficial insects in your garden.

Lodge & Live Ladybirds

Receive the lodge and 25 native 2 spotted ladybirds in the release tube. Only release ladybirds into your garden or greenhouse between April-September. Ladybirds need to be released straight away so bear this in mind if ordering as a gift.

Lodge & Voucher

Receive the lodge along with a redeemable voucher for 25 live ladybirds. Each voucher can be redeemed at any time on the Dragonfli website.