Live Ladybird Gift Voucher

Dragonfli gift voucher entitling the holder to 25 live ladybird adults. Ideal as a gift at any time and redeemable on our website or by phone order.

These predators are most definitely a gardeners best friend! Native two spotted ladybirds Adalia bipunctata are fantastic predators of aphids and other plant pests making a real dent in pest numbers. Both adults and larvae feed on numerous species of aphids and greenfly.

During the winter months ladybirds hibernate in window frames, walls, log piles or trees and emerge to mate in the spring. Females lay between 20-50 eggs per day which will develop into larvae (which also feed on the same plant pests!) and eventually adults.

Ladybirds can be released onto infested plants outdoors in the summer, however they perform especially well in confined spaces such as greenhouses, conservatories and poly tunnels.