Large Solitary Bee Nester

A beautifully crafted eco-friendly Solitary Bee nester

The Large Solitary Bee Nester is wonderfully designed and specified to provide the perfect habitat for Solitary Bees. It is made from timber sourced in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) plantations and will look stunning in any garden. 

Provide a home for these valuable pollinators for years to come

The Large Solitary Bee Nester is capable of producing a huge amount of Solitary Bees, that will provide valuable pollination in the local area. Solitary Bees will be able to lay eggs and develop in the Large Solitary Bee Nester for many years.

House a variety of Solitary Bee species

The Large Solitary Bee nester provides a large amount of nesting tubes for Solitary Bees to seed and develop in. It also incorporates a variety of different nesting sites in the design. The tubes are of different sizes to attract different species of Solitary Bees. Each hole or tube could house between 1-6 bees per tube each year.

Sliding tubes enable ability to observe or harvest the Solitary Bees

There is also a strong educational element to the design of the nester. A number of the Solitary Bee nesting holes are built into small shelves, which can be slid in and out. This feature provides you with the ability to observe and track the development of the Solitary Bees. 

The sliding tubes also allow you to easily harvest the Solitary Bee cocoons.

A solid lid on the top of the Large Solitary Bee Nester is hinged for additional access; for maintenance purposes or for further observation of the bees.

It is recommended that these Solitary Bee tubes are cleaned or replaced every few years to prevent the build up of parasites and disease.

Protective mesh protects the Solitary Bees from attack

Once the Solitary Bee nesting tubes have been seeded they are vulnerable to attack from Woodpeckers, that will empty the tubes. The Large Solitary Bee Nester has a protective mesh fitted over the front, however, which prevents attack from birds.

Where should I place my Large Solitary Bee Nester?

The nester should be sited facing south - south east, on a solid wall, fence, or tree. It is ideal for use in orchards, large gardens or educational facilities.

What size is the Large Solitary Bee Nester?

The exact nester measurements are: Width - 51cm / Depth - 26cm (including the hanging bracket) / Height - 31cm.