House Fly Sticky Catcher Tape (Non-Toxic) - Pack of 4

What are House Flies and what problems can they cause?

House Flies carry a variety of diseases, breed rapidly and can infest almost any area. They are attracted to all food sources which range from the food you eat, animal and pet food, to faeces and food waste. There is a risk that foodstuffs can be contaminated and diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella transmitted. House Flies also cause persistent irritation and will harass livestock. House Fly larvae may be identified as they crawl out from breeding material to pupate. If you spot significant numbers of active adult House Flies this may indicate a potential infestation. 

How does our trap help?

Our House Fly Sticky Catcher Tape provides a highly effective solution to House Fly infestations in indoor settings. The tape will attract flies due to its spiral form and will trap them on its sticky surface. The trap includes tape made of high tack which is extremely sticky, preventing the flies from escaping.

The trap is also made from natural ingredients (resins, oils, fat) and is absolutely non-toxic

How do I set up the trap?

1. Warm tube in hands to room temperature. Pull out the glued paper with the ribbon in a twirling motion.

2. Hang up the fly catcher using the pin provided.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

How long do the traps last?

One fly catcher is effective for approximately 8 weeks. This product includes 4 fly catchers so you will gain a 32 week protection from this product.

After use wrap the fly catcher in paper and dispose of it with normal household waste.

Where should I set up the trap?

The traps can be used in any room indoors. Ideally situate your trap close to where they have been frequent sightings of House Fly populations.

Hang away from sunshine and draughts and out of reach of children and pets (the product is extremely sticky).

Glue stains can be removed with cleaning solvent.

When should I put my traps out?

You should ensure your House Fly Traps are established from May when House Flies will start appearing in larger numbers. House Flies will be most active in high populations from August to September

How many traps do I need?

One fly catcher is sufficient for a room of 8-10m2. In peak House Fly season from August-September more traps may be required.