Extra Large Yellow Sticky Traps 20 x 40cm (Wetstick Glue)

Our Extra Large Yellow Sticky Traps are larger than normal traps and utilise a heavier grade of insect glue to trap larger numbers of flying pests. The unique vibrant yellow colour is very attractive to numerous species giving the traps a very high catch rate.

Ideally used in greenhouses, poly tunnels, growth chambers and hydroponic systems the traps can be used as a monitoring tool or a mass catching method.

Each pack consists of 20 traps measuring 20cm x 40cm. For best results hang the traps just above the growing head of the plants or near vents to catch incoming flying insect pests. Traps should be removed and changed on a regular basis to remain effective.

These traps attract and catch;
- Aphids
- Thrips
- Whitefly
- Leafminers
- Scariad &fungus fly
- Plus numerous others