Distribution Box

Distribution Boxes Boost Dragonfli Predator Populations & Ensure Effective Application To Plants

Our distribution box has been designed specifically to enable easy application of various forms of biological control. The boxes also act as a breeding site for predators, so by utilising our boxes you are boosting the number of available predators and as such enhance your treatment.

This product is highly recommended for the application of the loosely packaged predators we stock such as:

Where Should I Use Place The Distribution Boxes?

The distribution box can be used to apply any of the above listed predators on your infested plants. The box is perfectly suited for use in areas where normal distribution of our predators is more difficult, for example; on trees, large plants, or plants with small leaves. The distribution box therefore offers an easy way to apply your beneficial insects to infected plants that may otherwise have been more difficult to treat.

How Do I Set Up The Distribution Boxes?

Simply construct your box by folding it together, distribute the contents of your predators inside the boxes, and hang the boxes with the attached hooks to the branches, stems, or leaves of the treatable plants. Your predators will then make their way out safely in search of pests. 

How Many Distribution Boxes Do I Need?

We advise use of one distribution box per infested plant.