Carrot Root Fly Trap

Carrot root flies lay eggs in the soil near carrots. These then develop into tiny larvae, which burrow into carrots, often making the carrots un-edible. Carrot fly overwinters in the soil as a pupae and then hatch out in the spring. They then seek out new Carrot crops laying more eggs next to them. There can be several carrot root fly generations each year.

To help detect Carrot root fly and help to reduce their numbers, place a Carrot root fly trap in the soil bed where you are growing carrots. The trap consists of a sturdy metal pole, orange sticky traps and fastening clips. The trap is angled at 45 degrees facing downwards, with this side of the orange sticky trap covered in glue. This helps catch more of the carrot root flies emerging from the soil and reduces the risk of catching other insects.

The kit is supplied with a pack of 5 Orange sticky traps, so that once the traps are full of Carrot root flies or dust and dirt, they can be replaced.

Regular use of the Carrot root fly trap during the spring and summer will help reduce carrot root fly adult numbers and act as an early warning of their presence. Further controls, such as the application of carrot root fly nematodes can then be applied at the right time.

The Carrot root fly trap can be re-used for many years and helps towards the natural and chemical free control of this damaging pests of Carrots.