Cabbage White Caterpillar Killer

Cabbage White Killer uses a tiny parasitic wasp called Trichogrammathat lays its eggs inside Cabbage white butterfly [Pieris brassicae]  eggs. These eggs develop inside the parasitised egg , killing  the Cabbage white but using the space inside to develop into another parasitic wasp. These then hatch to look for more cabbage white eggs to attack. In nature these tiny parasites are attracted by the smell of the mating Cabbage white females and even hitch a lift on them sometimes to new cabbages , where the Cabbage white lays more eggs for the parasite to attack. Each egg can have multiple Trichogramma eggs laid inside. Trichogrammawasps have also been observed attacking Codling moth eggs. Cabbage White Killer should be applied when temperatures are over 15.c . They can be used indoors or outdoors. They will be most effective in a protected environment such as a glasshouse, under fleece or fine netting. They only attack the eggs and have no effect on caterpillars, so it is imoprtant to introduce early before caterpillars are observed. Cabbage White Killer is supplied as 25 cards of 200 Trichogrammaeggs. The tiny wasps will emerge from these cards shortly after delivery. If you want to delay putting them out, you can store in a fridge for  a few days,