Sulphur Boost


Why is Sulphur so important to plants?

Sulphur is an important nutrient and provides plants with the necessary amino acids, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and enzymes. It is a key element in healthy plant growth, and will improve biological activity which bolsters the immune system of plants; improving their resistance to a variety of diseases.

Sulphur deficiency in plants can also result in yield loss and reduced fruiting, which can be countered with the application of our Sulphur Boost.

Sulphur Boost is a 100% natural, micronised liquid fertiliser, which increases the amount of sulphur plants absorb.

Safely use our natural Sulphur Boost in combination with beneficial insects

Conventional formulations of sulphur can be harmful to beneficial insects and the natural enemies of insect pests. This is not the case with Sulphur Boost, which can be used safely in combination with beneficial insects and will leave no harmful residue. Sulphur Boost has no negative effects on plants, or the environment, and is safe to wildlife and humans. Sulphur Boost is a 100% natural liquid nutrient.

Use Sulphur Boost to benefit a wide variety of plants 

Sulphur Boost can be used on many different plants including cucumbers, which conventional sulphur formulations cannot treat. Roses benefit especially from the application of Sulphur, as it protects them from powdery mildew and black spot. Other plants that benefit from sulphur applications include tomatoes, lettuce, vines, strawberries, grass and many ornamental plants.

Sulphur Boost leaves less residue on leaves than conventional formulations, and this residue can be minimised further by adding an adjuvant. This helps the plant absorption of the Sulphur.

Where should I apply my Sulphur Boost?

Sulphur Boost can be applied outdoors and in greenhouses. Please avoid spraying the boost in greenhouses when there are high temperatures, however. 

How do I apply Sulphur Boost?

Sulphur Boost is supplied as liquid concentrate in an easy to use dosing bottle. The dosing bottle helps measure the correct amount of concentrate to dilute with water.

Apply Sulphur Boost at the following application rates:

- Dilute 10-30ml of Sulphur Boost concentrate with 10 litres of water

- Apply the Sulphur Boost at a pH of 5-7

Apply the diluted concentrate with a sprayer, hand sprayer, or Knapsack sprayer. We recommend application with either our 8, or 15, litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayers which can be found here.

For best results when spraying ensure to utilise a fine nozzle.

The diluted concentrate can be applied as a foliar application to leaves. Apply over the entire plant canopy, applying the spray to as many leaves as possible.

Do not exceed the maximum dose, as this may scorch sulphur susceptible plants.

Do not use on plants more than 7 times a year.

If you have added adjuvant, this should be mixed with the Sulphur Boost at a dilution rate of 15-20 mil per 10 litres of water.

How much Sulphur Boost do I need?

We offer two unit sizes, at either 500 mil or 1 litre.

The recommended unit size for professional growers is 5 litres. Contact Dragonfli for more information regarding application on professional sites.