Beepol Bumblebee Villa

A beautifully crafted eco-friendly timber villa

The Beepol Villa is handmade in the UK, from timber sourced in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) plantations, and will look stunning in any garden.

Key features:

  • Ventilation hole: providing airflow for the Bees and enabling the hive to cool down in hot weather conditions
  • Sturdy wooden legs: raising the villa off the ground to keep it standing strong
  • A grey, rough, felt roof: protecting the hive from rain and poor weather
  • Detachable roof: for easy access to the Bees

Designed specifically to house our Live Bumblebee Colonies

This villa has been designed specifically to fit our Live Beepol Colony Hives

This makes the villa ideal for customers who have recently purchased a colony. This villa will allow the bees to thrive by providing the perfect home and shelter for the colony.

The exact villa measurements are: Width - 31cm / Depth - 34cm / Height - 32cm

*Please note this Villa does not include a Live Beepol Bumblebee Hive. This will need to be purchased separately, or alternatively see our Live Bumblebee Hive & Colony Bundle, or Bumblebee Colony Vouchers