Barn Owl Nest Box

*Please be aware there will be a lead time on this product as these items are made to order.

Provide A Safe & Suitable Nest Site For Breeding Barn Owls

The UK Made Barn Owl Nester was developed jointly with experienced owl conservationists. As a result, it provides a safe and suitable nest site for breeding barn owls. This model has a straight-sided design that uses lightweight yet durable materials. This gives barn owls a long-lasting nest site that is easier to install than heavier alternatives.

Made From Natural Timber & Recycled Plastic

The Nest Box is made from slow-seasoned timber sourced in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) plantations & recycled agricultural plastic. The blend of green and light coloured wood ensures that the nest box will blend in seamlessly with any garden.

Camera-Ready & Proven Design Enables You To Monitor Nesting Barn Owls 

The Nest Box is fitted with a camera clip allowing you the opportunity to observe nesting Barn Owls. A suitable camera enables enjoyable monitoring of this protected species without disturbing them. 

Generous Flat Rooftop For Owl Landing Area & Deep Interior Space For Chicks

The Nest Box has been designed specifically to meet the needs of adult Barn Owls and their chicks. The generous sized front platform and flat rooftop provide a suitable landing area and permit the opportunity for fledgling wing exercise. 

The deep interior space within the Nest Box has also been designed to maximise chick safety. There is also a large front inspection door with a fitted bolt.

The floor has been drilled so the Owls will be nesting in a box that has appropriate ventilation and drainage.

Flatpack Design For Easy Transportation & Lightweight Design For Easy Installation

The flatpack design of the Nest Box ensures easy transportation, where the lightweight build also ensures that installing the box is not made difficult.

Where Is The Best Position To Place The Barn Owl Nest Box? 

Barns owls are birds of the open countryside (not woodland). Therefore, position the Barn Owl Box on a tree in the open, in a building or on a barn at the edge of woodland. After finding a suitable location, firstly, you should site the box high up, 2.5m – 5m, ideally face east, NE or SE. Secondly, remember to ensure a clear flight path to the box.

Barn owls are particularly vulnerable to being hit by traffic because of their low-level hunting style. Therefore, you should not locate your Barn Owl Box within 1/2 mile of major roads.

The presence of vole rich grasslands and less intensively managed habitat is the key to selecting a nest box site.

What Size Is The Nest Box?

The dimensions of the box are: 670 x 570 x 490 mm.

How Much Does The Nest Box Weigh?

The box weighs 11.2kg.