B401 Anti Wax Moth Concentrate (120ml)

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120ml concentrate to protect live colonies of bees from wax moth. The solution, when applied to the outer colony box, wooden bee house or frames acts as a deterrent for wax moths entering the hive and will also kill any moths that ingest the solution. B401 is a completely natural and organic solution making it totally safe for the bees and other beneficial insects.


Wax moths can decimate colonies of bumblebees hence the need to apply fresh B401 every 3-4 weeks to kill and deter the pest. This is very simple with the Dragonfli beepol colony, utilising the sliding door to enclose the bees during application.


Dilution of the B401 with water ensures an even coating to any areas susceptible to wax moth. Any left over solution can be stored in the fridge and used again for reapplications.