Aphidius Ervi - Parasitic Wasp

Aphidius ervi is a specialist parasitic wasp of Glasshouse Potato aphid [ Aulacorthum solani ], Potato aphid [ Macrosiphum euphorbiae ] and Tobacco aphid [ Myzus persicae var nicotianae ]. Females parazitise the aphids, which swell up and become mummified killing the aphid. A new Aphidius ervi will emerge from the aphid after about two weeks.

Aphidius ervi is active from 10.c to 30.c.

  • Supplied in a shaker bottle of 250
  • Apply contents at base of plants on dry material or place in Dragonfli distribution boxes
  • All the wasps will emerge within a few days
  • Repeat introductions on a regular basis to maintain control
  • For severe infestations, consider also applying Lacewing larvae