14 Spot Ladybird Adults

The 14 Spot Ladybird [ Propylea quatuordecimpunctata ] is a distinctive looking Ladybird that is yellow with black spots. There can be differences within the species, as some appear yellow with black spots and others mainly black with yellow spots. The larvae of this Ladybird are grey, white and black. Both adults and larvae actively hunt for aphids to feed on. Unlike some species of Ladybirds they are active in the spring and early summer. Sometimes other species only appear after aphid infestations have happened later in the summer.


The 14 spot Ladybird pupates on leaves. Larvae can be seen on leaves as early as three weeks after applying adults. The 14 spot overwinters as an adult.


14 Spot Ladybirds will eat most species of aphids but especially like to feed on; Foxglove aphid, Potato aphid and Yellow rose aphid. The Ladybirds and larvae suck out the body contents of aphids leaving some aphid skins on the plants.


Introduce 14 Spot Ladybirds when temperatures are above 15.c, they are more effective for control of aphids indoors and in glasshouses. Repeat applications may be required.