Red Spider Mite Killer


  • Biological control of Two spotted mite/ Red spider mite
  • Spider Mite Killer contains the predatory mite; Phytoseiulus persimilis
  • Fast life cycle and rapid reproduction of predatory mites in optimum conditions
  • Rapid reduction of spider mite populations
  • Supplied in variety of unit sizes

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Red Spider Mite Killer uses the predatory mite; Phytoseiulus persimilis for the biological control of the two spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae) often known as red spider mite.


Phytoseiulus predatory mites are the most commonly used form of biological pest control against red spider mite / two spotted mite in greenhouses and protected growing environments. These predatory mites feed on all stages of the spider mite life cycle from egg to adult. Their life cycle is faster than the mites they are feeding on and in suitable conditions they can double their population every two days and can consume 5 adults and 20 young larvae a day. This leads to a quick reduction in the spider mite population. The optimal temperatures for Phytoseiulus persimilis predators to be at their most active are between 15-25.C. They are also more active in humid conditions.


Red Spider Mite Killer predators should only be applied after the two spotted mite is observed on plants, as they only feed on red spider mite and will die quite quickly if they do not have a food source. Red Spider Mite Killer predators are supplied in shaker bottles. To apply the predators, rotate the bottle and gently shake the contents directly onto the infested leaves of the plants. For difficult to reach locations the predators can be poured into predator distribution boxes that are hung on plants. Spider mite often feed at the top of plants, so ensure predators are released in this area or in hot spots of activity. For large infestations of spider mite, repeat applications maybe required to build up predator numbers quickly.


Red Spider Mite Killer predators should be applied to plants as soon as possible after receipt. The predators can be stored in a fridge for a short period but it is advisable to apply them as early as possible.

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