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Chafer Grub Killer Gel Nematodes


  • Biological pest control of garden chafer grubs
  • Unique gel carrier formulation increases effectiveness of Dragonfli nematodes
  • Used by professional ground keepers to control chafer grubs
  • Totally natural solution, safe for humans, pets and wildlife
  • Easy to apply with watering can or appropriate sprayers

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Chafer Grub Killer contains a nematode species that attacks and kills Chafer grub larvae. The nematodes enter and kill the Chafer grub larvae within a few days. They are watered into lawns and grass areas to kill the Chafer grubs feeding underneath.


Chafer Grub Killer nematodes are now supplied in a new gel formulation, which maintains the quality of the nematodes in storage and delivery. These nematodes can now be stored in a fridge for up to six weeks, if unopened. This helps ensure you can apply at the right time and in the right conditions.


Chafer grubs are a serious insect pest of lawns and turf. The larvae feed on grass roots, turning large areas of lawn yellow. The presence of Chafer grubs also attracts birds and animals to rip up lawns to feed on the grubs.


Nematodes provide a safe and natural pest control solution for the control of Chafer grubs and larvae in lawns. The timing of application is very important. The nematodes species used for chafer grub is a Heterorhabditis species, which needs warm soil conditions to be active. This means Chafer Grub Killer must be applied in the summer and early autumn months (end of July-October). Nematodes are more effective against smaller Chafer grubs. For heavy or severe infestations of Chafer grub, more than one application may be required.


Chafer Grub Killer can be applied by watering can, Hose end feeder, knapsack sprayer or larger spraying equipment. It is important to ensure lawns are moist at time of application and that the nematodes are applied with plenty water. Nematodes are also UV sensitive, so applications in strong sunlight should be avoided.


Chafer Grub Killer is supplied in three gel based unit sizes:

Chafer Grub Killer 50 million – treats up to 100 square metres
Chafer Grub Killer 250 million – treats up to 500 square metres
Chafer Grub Killer 500 million – treats up to 1000 square metres


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