Taurrus Reptile Mite Control

Control of pests for snakes and reptiles used to rely on chemical pesticides, which can be harmful to them and often not very effective. However now there is an effective alternative using biological control, Taurrus. The main pest of snakes and reptiles is the snake mite [ Ophionyssus natricis ]. These parasites can be difficult to observe at first but build up rapidly. Chemical treatments normally only kill the adult stages of the snake mite life cycle, which means treatments have to be re-applied on a regular basis.

The use of predatory mites and biological control has many advantages. Taurrus predators will:

  • Kills and consumes both eggs and adults of the snake mite
  • Resistance to predatory mites is not possible
  • No side effects to snakes, reptiles or humans
  • Reduces time in handling and cleaning out
  • Can be used on snakes, lizards and turtles