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Plant Boost Trichoderma Harzianum


PLANT BOOST is a plant strengthener that contains the beneficial fungi; Trichoderma harzanium T-22, supplied in a granular form for mixing in compost or applying in a planting hole. It is only permitted for use indoors or in glasshouses, not for outdoor application.

PLANT BOOST is ideal for mixing with container compost or seedling compost. The granules provide plants protection from soil borne diseases and ensure newly planted plants have the maximum chance of survival after planting. 


  • Increased plant root development
  • Suppression of soil borne diseases
  • Increased yield for vegetables and fruits
  • Improved establishment of plants after planting
  • Easy to use granules for mixing in compost
  • 50g sachets can treat up to 5 plants
  • 250g sachet can treat up to 25 plants

Mix granules with compost before planting at a rate of 10g per 10 litres of compost. Granules can also be placed in planting holes, whether mixing or placing in planting holes, try to ensure that the granules have contact with the plant roots. Plants will also benefit from a second application of Trichoderma fungi three months after planting.

PLANT BOOST can be used with many different types of plants including Orchids.