Box Tree Moth Pheromone Lure

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Use Our Highly Effective Pheromone Lures In Our Box Tree Caterpillar Moth Traps

This highly attractive pheromone lure has been designed specifically to attract adult male Box Tree Caterpillar Moths into traps. 

This helps reduce the male numbers of the moth and effectively stops their reproduction; breaking the life cycle and giving complete control over the pest.

Our Pheromone Lures Provide The Best Results

There are lures available that are marketed to last all season but research has proven, however, that such lures are less effective in catching Box Tree Moths. Trials were carried by Dragonfli and the RHS at Hyde Hall Gardens which compared Box Tree pheromone lure types. The results found that the longer life lures caught far fewer moths than our standard lures.

We believe it is favourable to use our standard Box Tree Pheromone Lures and replace them every six weeks to achieve maximum catch rate of the male Box Tree Moths. It is also good practice to remove caught moths from the traps every six weeks.

How Do I Set Up The Lures Inside The Traps?

Each lure is supplied in a foil sachet. Remove the lure from the sachet and place it in the lure cage at the top of the trap.

Can I Store The Lures?

If lures are to be stored and not used upon receipt, you may store them in a fridge or freezer.

When Should I Use The Lures In My Traps?

There can be several generations of Box tree Caterpillars in a season. They are active from April - October, so traps should be set during this period. 

How Long Do The Lures Last?

Each lure lasts up to six weeks when used with one of our unique traps. These replacement lures can be used as required, to cover a whole season and reduce damage to your Box Tree plants or hedges. 

What Distance Will A Box Tree Lure Cover? 

One lure inside a trap will cover 180m

More information on how to treat Box Tree Caterpillars can be found on the product listings for our Box Tree Caterpillar Killer Nematodes and Box Tree Caterpillar Pheromone Traps.

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