Spidex Boost - Curative Spider Mite Sachets


What are Spider Mites and how do I identify them?

There are several species of Spider Mite with the most common being the Two Spotted Spider Mite (tetranychus urticae). These mites have an oval body and eight legs. They vary in colour from green, yellow, orange-red and dark brown. The eggs are circular and generally located on the underside of leaves. The damage will be evident with the yellowing of leaves, especially on the underside. Yellow dots will also show on top with the whole leaf eventually turning yellow. Spider Mites can also produce webbing on leaves when the population is high.

What is Spidex Boost and how can it help?

Spidex Boost provides a rapid release of Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites for the control of Two Spotted Mites, commonly known as the Red Spider Mite. The predators will feed on the Two Spotted Mites, especially at the egg stage of which they pierce and consume the contents.

The benefits of Spidex Boost sachets

  • Supplied as easy to use sachet for hanging on plants
  • Simply make a small cut in the top of the sachet and hang on infested plant
  • Each sachet quickly releases up to 100 predators 
  • Immediate way to apply predators with no carrier material spillage on plant
  • Provides a targeted application of Phytoseiulus persimilis predators

When should I use my Spidex Boost sachets?

Spidex Boost predators will feed on all stages of the Spider Mite life cycle but they prefer to feed on the younger mites and eggs. Apply to plants as soon as Spider Mite are observed. 

What conditions are necessary for the use of Spidex Boost?

Relative humidity should be above 75% and the temperature should be above 20℃ for at least some hours of the day.

How many Spidex Boost sachets do I need?

Apply at least one sachet per infested plant and several sachets if there is a heavy infestation, or an infestation on a large plant. Repeat applications can be made every 7 days.

How long do the predators last?

Spidex Boost sachets are not breeding sachets, so they will release all their predators onto the plant quickly. Slow release sachets of other spider mite predators, such as Amblyseius californicus, can be used in combination with Spidex Boost to extend Spider Mite control over a number of weeks.

How do I apply the sachets?

The Spidex Boost sachets should be hung on plants close to, or on, the Spider Mite infestation. A small cut should be made on the top of the sachet to quickly release the Phytoseiulus persimilis predators onto the plant. 

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

Can I store the sachets?

Spidex Boost sachets should be applied to plants as soon as possible after receipt. The sachets can be stored for 1-2 days at 8-10℃ in a dark place, if required, but it is highly preferable for them to be applied quickly.

Chemical Pesticides

Spidex Boost contains living creatures and can be affected by any chemical pesticides used within the previous few weeks. As a general guide, refrain from using Pyrethrum or SB Plant Invigorator 2 days prior to use. Other chemicals insecticides can have long lasting residues that could harm the predatory mites for much longer periods. Refrain from using these products or check with Dragonfli for information on the effect of these products on the predatory mites.