Spider Mite

Spider mites or two spotted mites (Tetranychus urtica) are a common pest found in greenhouses or hydroponic set ups. These mites cause leaf damage by sucking out the contents of plant cells leaving discoloration in white splotchy patches across the leaves. Dragonfli have developed some simple systems to help you get rid of these persistent pests.

Preventative System 

Designed for introduction before spider mite is present to protect plants from infestations. Apply our premium Amblyseius californicus foil sachets every 3/4 weeks for continuous protection.

Curative System 

Designed to tackle severe infestations where spider mite is present on the plant. Apply Phytoseiulus persimilis and loose Amblyseius californicus together, every 7-10 days until spider mite is under control. Switch to the Dragonfli Preventative System once control is achieved.