Soft Scale Killer Parasitic Wasp - Metaphycus flavus

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Soft scales excrete honeydew onto plants causing a sticky mess. They are a particular problem on plants grown inside. Soft scales have their body attached to their protective cover and include Brown scale, Hemispherical scale and Black scale. Soft scale parasites contains 25 or 100 tiny parasitic wasps called Metaphycus flavus.These tiny insects lay their eggs in the scale. This kills the scale and produces another Metaphycusto carry on killing more soft scale insects. They make a small circular hole in the scale and emerge from the scale. Introduce Soft Scale parasites when temperatures are above 18.c and indoors only from April-October.

Do not apply insecticides once the parasites have been introduced, repeat introductions maybe required with heavy infestations. Natural pest control of scale insects without chemicals