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Scale Insect Predator Larvae - Chilocorus nigritus

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Armoured scales are sap sucking insects that attack many indoor growing plants, especially those grown in warm or tropical conditions. Armoured scales differ to soft scales in that their cover is not fixed to their body like soft scales. They do not produce honeydew but they can inject poisonous substances into plants  that can harm plants, leading to yellow spots on leaves and discolouration of the plants. Natural enemies of Armoured scales include ; Chilocorus nigritus.Scale Insect predator larvae contains 10 of these predators. These larvae feed on the scales and develop into adult beetles that also feed on the Scale insects. The temperatures need to be above 20.c for establishment and they like humid conditions. On receipt of the larvae they should be gently brushed onto the infected plants , close to scale insects. Do not spray insecticides after they are applied. Apply between April-September.
  • Natural pest control of armoured scales using their natural enemies
  • Insecticide free and safe to the applicator, the plant and the environment