Raspberry Beetle Trap

  • Helps reduce crop damage and unnecessary spray application
  • Attractant lure increases catch rate
  • Supplied with 1 lure giving 6 weeks of operation
  • Trap last numerous years when using replacement lures

Our unique raspberry beetle trap helps to reduce pest numbers and act as a monitoring device helping you reduce crop damage.

Attracted by the incorporated attractant lure and colour of the cross vanes (simulating a giant raspberry flower), the beetles fly into the cross vane, fall into the funnel-shaped catchment area and down into the holding bucket below. The attractant lure in the Raspberry Beetle Trap lasts 6 weeks, the length of a normal raspberry season. A second lure will need to be purchased for extended use ot to catch autumn generation.

The trap works both as a monitoring device, alerting you to early signs of an infestation and also as a means of reducing population numbers. Place the traps around a meter off the floor 4-6 weeks before first flower, from April to July. Using these traps can help to improve the timing and efficiency of any spray treatments, thereby reducing crop damage or any unnecessary spray application.

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