Raspberry Beetle Trap Including Attractant Lure

What are Raspberry Beetles?

The Raspberry Beetle (Byturus tomentosus) is small and of greyish-brown colouring. It will lay eggs on fruit flowers during early and mid-summer, and these eggs will hatch into larvae that can cause severe damage to a variety of fruit. The larvae can grow up to 8mm long and are creamy-white with brown markings. The larvae will feed initially at the base of the berries and then proceed to feed within the inner cores of the fruit. All cane fruits are susceptible including; Raspberries, Loganberries, and Tayberries. Clear indications of Raspberry Beetle larvae activity are the dried-up patches at the stalk end of ripe fruits.

How does our trap help?

Our Raspberry Beetle trap will catch adult Raspberry Beetles by attracting them into the trap using a powerful attractant lure. The beetles are also attracted by the colour of the cross vanes which simulate giant Raspberry flowers. 

Once the beetles have flown into the trap, they hit the plastic cross vanes and drop into funnel-shaped catchment area of the trap and down into the holding bucket below, which they cannot escape from.

Raspberry Beetle mating and egg laying will be reduced as a result, and future generations of Raspberry Beetles will be prevented from developing. The trap also provides a valuable warning as to when Raspberry Beetles are present, which is critical for gardeners and lawn keepers wishing to protect their lawns from future damage resulting from Raspberry Beetle egg laying. The trap can also be used to monitor the population levels of Raspberry Beetle infestation. 

Where should I set up my traps?

Place the traps around a metre off the floor by the relevant berry shrubs you wish to treat for infestation. 

How do I set up the lures in the traps?

Each trap is supplied with one pheromone lure. The lure is supplied in a black sachet. Simply snip the top off the sachet to remove the lure and proceed to place it inside the cage area in the top of the trap, which has a small clear cover.

How long do the traps last?

The trap can be used for years and replacement lures can be purchased for additional coverage. The lures are designed to last an entire Raspberry Beetle flying season (roughly 6 weeks).

A second lure will require purchase for extended use of the trap to catch the autumn generation of Raspberry Beetles. Replacement lures can be purchased separately here.

Additional lures may be stored in a fridge or freezer.

When should I put my traps out?

Set up your Raspberry Beetle traps 4-6 weeks before first flowerings of your berry shrubs, which is from April to July.

Using these traps can help to improve the timing and efficiency of any spray treatments, thereby reducing crop damage or any unnecessary spray application.

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