House Fly Trap & Attractant - Kills Common Bluebottle, Greenbottle Flies

What are House Flies and what problems can they cause?

House Flies carry a variety of diseases, breed rapidly and can infest almost any area. They are attracted to all food sources which range from the food you eat, animal and pet food, to faeces and food waste. There is a risk that foodstuffs can be contaminated and diseases such as E. coli and Salmonella transmitted. House Flies also cause persistent irritation and will harass livestock. House Fly larvae may be identified as they crawl out from breeding material to pupate. If you spot significant numbers of active adult House Flies this may indicate a potential infestation. 

How does our trap help?

Our House Fly Trap provides a highly effective solution to House Fly infestations in outdoor settings. The trap is supplied with a specially formulated attractant powder which has been proven to entice a range of common House Fly pests into the trap including:

  • Bluebottle flies
  • Greenbottle flies
  • Muscid flies
  • Calliphorid flies

The trap is robust, effective and works rapidly in killing large numbers of House Fly pest infestations. The trap is entirely non-toxic.

How do I set up the trap?

Our House Fly Trap is easy to install. The attractant powder simply needs mixing with 500-800ml of lukewarm water in the bag of the trap. Then attach the black lid to the top of the trap, thread the vine through the top holes and hang the trap from your desired location.

Full instructions are provided on delivery.

How long do the traps last?

The attractant will remain alluring to flies over a 4-8 week period. After such time the trap will need replacing. The trap is disposable. Liquid and dead flies can be poured into a compost heap or rubbish bin.

Where should I set up the trap?

Hang your traps from any outdoor location that appears suitable. Ideally situate your trap close to where they have been frequent sightings of House Fly populations.

When should I put my traps out?

You should ensure your House Fly Traps are established from May when House Flies will start appearing in larger numbers. House Flies will be most active in high populations from August to September

How many traps do I need?

We recommend having 1-3 traps set up in your garden from May. For larger, or smaller, gardens this will vary. In peak House Fly season from August-September more traps may be required.