Leek Moth Pheromone Trap

Leek Moth Pheromone trap

The Dragonfli Leek moth pheromone trap, incorporates a specific lure for male Leek moths [ Arolepiopsis assectalla]. The castellation trap is easy to use with no sticky surfaces and provides an early warning of leek moth activity. The male moths are attracted by the pheromone lure and fly inside the trap, they then drop down into the  the trap. The more male moths that are caught, the less there are available for mating with females. This can help reduce leek moth egg laying. 

Leek Moths have two generations and the moths are active between May and June and a second larger generation between August and October. The larvae or caterpillars cause white patches on the leeks where the caterpillars are eating the foilage. More mature caterpillars bore into the stems.

The Dragonfli Leek moth trap is easy, clean and simple to use. The trap can also be reused each year, if a new leek moth pheromone is added. The trap should be suspended just above the Leek plants. Each trap is supplied with two pheromone lures, one for each generation in the year.