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Large Horse Chestnut Leafminer Pheromone Trap

The large Horse Chestnut Leafminer trap is a pheromone trap designed to attract and catch high numbers of the Horse Chestnut Leafminer moth [Cameraria ohridella]. It offers an alternative to the standard Horse Chestnut leafminer trap. The large trap should be used in large or mature trees , which have a lot of leaf canopy. 

  • Each trap supplied with three pheromone lures
  • Supplied as large funnel trap with see through opaque bowl to view moth catch
  • Catches large numbers of male Horse Chestnut leafminer moths

The pheromone attractant lures last 6-8 weeks and should be replaced to ensure the lures are active through the Horse Chestnut leafminer life cycles. On average Horse Chestnut Leafminer moths have three generations per year. A small amount of water can be added to the bowl of the trap to prevent moths escaping. 

Ensure Horse Chestnut leafminer traps are sited in trees from May-October.