Horse Chestnut Leafminer Pheromone Trap

  • Catch hundreds of horse chestnut leafminers reducing tree damage
  • Trap comes with 3 pheromone lures to last entire season
  • Totally glue free and safe for other beneficial insects like bees
  • Trap can be reused for many years with replacement lures

The Dragonfli Horse Chestnut Leafminer trap uses a targeted pheromone lure to attract and catch male horse chestnut moths. This reduces mating and therefore egg laying. Each trap can catch many hundreds of adult horse chestnut adults, greatly reducing damage to leaves.

Horse chestnut leafminer moth (Cameraria ohridella) arrived in southern Britain around 2002-3 and has steadily spread North. The Horse Chestnut leaf miner moth reproduces in large numbers with 200-300 eggs typically laid on each leaf from May-August. Damage is caused by the larvae of the moths mining into the leaves of the trees. The moths often merge giving the leaves a white blotched appearance. The leaves then dry out, browning, before falling off prematurely. This causes the tree to have an autumnal appearance as early as August. The long terms effects on the horse chestnut tree are still being examined but the trees appear weakened and could be more vulnerable to attack from pathogens.

Hang one trap per tree in April. The pheromone lure will last for about six weeks and should be replaced 2-3 times between April and August to catch as many hatching generations. The trap is filled with water and the horse Chestnut leafminer fall into this after being attracted by the pheromone lure.

Each trap is supplied with three pheromone lures. Lures can be bought separately each year to use with the trap.