Birchmeier AquaNemix - Nematode Applicator

The perfect tool for applying your Dragonfli nematodes

The Birchmeir AquaNemix has been specifically designed for the application of nematodes to larger areas. If there is an area you wish to treat, which is roughly over 200m2, or if you are using nematodes frequently, then this applicator is perfect for you. If applying smaller nematode unit sizes to smaller areas, see our Nema Super Sprayer applicator for optimum nematode application.

AquaNemix applicator is simply the best solution for applying nematodes correctly to turf or pots. It can be used to apply our very own Chafer Grub Killer and Leatherjacket Killer nematodes to your turf.

It is an excellent applicator for treating numerous pots, or large containers, for Vine Weevil, with our Vine Weevil Killer nematodes. The AquaNemix can also be utilised to apply our Slug KillerCarrot Root Fly Killer and Cutworm Killer nematodes.

Key features:

  • Special injection system: draws the exact amount of nematode solution from the holding bottle; ensuring correct application rates
  • Larger droplet size: increases canopy penetration to ensures nematodes reach the soil through turf, and aids their passage into compost
  • Lower sheer stress design within the sprayer: prevents the risk of nematodes shredding during spraying
  • Flow system: prevents blocking
  • Easy clean mechanism: is utilised to clear any blockages that arise from outside contaminants such as dirt
  • Fixed dilution rate of 2% and gives consistent performance at a wide range of water pressures between 1.5 and 5 bar
  • Durable plastic design: ensures longevity and use for multiple years 

How do I use the AquaNemix?

1. Add the nematodes to the feeder bowl.

2. Attach the AquaNemix to a hosepipe.

3. Spray your nematodes to the relevant treatable area of your choice.

Full instructions are included with the product on delivery.