Ferrimax Organic Slug Killer


What damage can Slugs cause?

Slugs can be a highly damaging pest and are particularly fond of succulent seedlings, which if left unprotected, can be completely destroyed in a single night. 

As well as attacking the leafy parts of plants, Slugs will also feast on fruit and vegetable crop. They will chew holes in ripening Strawberries and Tomatoes, and also eat Potatoes, which are of course grown underground, so you may be unaware that such crop is even being attacked.

Identifying Slug activity

If your seeds do not appear to have germinated, it is possible that Slugs have devoured the emerging seedlings underground. Other indices of recent activity may be made apparent by slime trails, or irregular holes with smooth edges found on leaves.

Use Ferrimax for safe and organic control over Slugs and Snails

Ferrimax Organic Slug Killer is a certified, environmentally friendly pellet for killing Slugs and Snails. The natural active ingredient, ferric phosphate, is safe for use around wildlife and the environment. Once the Slugs and Snails feed on the Ferrimax pellets, they crawl away to die.

The pellets are rain resistant, and even made more appealing to the Slugs after swelling up in rainfall.

Where can I use Ferrimax?

Ferrimax is safe to use around edible and non-edible plants. It is ideal for for use outside on bare ground and around plants. It can be used in enclosed environments if applied in greenhouses, polytunnels, or other garden structures such as cages and cloches, for example.

Ferrimax pellets are effective against surface feeding slugs and snails. In order to prevent Slugs from feeding underground, on your potatoes for instance, try using our Slug Killer Nematodes.

When should I use Ferrimax?

Ferrimax can be used all year round, simply apply when Slug infestations are evident.

How do I apply Ferrimax?

Sprinkle the pellets evenly on the area you wish to treat at approximately 5g per square metre.

What is Ferrimax made up of?

The ferric phosphate formula is a natural active ingredient, wildlife friendly and safe for the environment. It has been certified and approved by the Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G), amongst others.

Please note that, although wildlife friendly and much safer than traditional pesticide based slug pellets, the product label will warn against permitting pets to consume large quantities of the pellets. Please therefore ensure your pets do not consume large amounts of the pellets and apply according to the label instructions.

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