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Fruits Boost Mycorrhiza

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FRUITS BOOST Mycorrhiza is a bioyield enhancer and planting aid specifically designed for fruit trees, bushes and plants, giving improved plant performance by increasing root development. This ensures more nutrients are made available to plants giving increased plant growth. FRUITS BOOST contains a range of endomycorrhiza fungi for increased nutrient and water uptake. It also includes seaweed and other bio stimulants to enhance plant tolerance to stressful conditions. FRUITS BOOST is supplied as a water soluble powder for drenching pots, containers, grow bags or for applying to bare root plantings in open beds. FRUITS BOOST offers;
  • Increased nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved stress tolerance when enviromental and planting conditions are poor
  • Increased root development and function
  • Improves root and shoot growth, flowring and yield quality
  • Greater ability of fruit trees, canes and plants to establish after planting
  • Suppression of soil borne diseases
  • 40g sachet treats up to 16 fruit trees, bushes or plants
FRUITS BOOST is applied at planting as a drench. Mix 5g in 8 litres of water and apply liberally as a drench. The Mycorrhiza fungi in FRUITS BOOST need to make contact with the roots for good results, so the root zone should be watered thoroughly on application. All ready mixed product should be used within 24 hours.