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Live Bumblebee Hive & Colony

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Designed and produced by hand in the UK the Dragonfli Bumblebee Hive is the perfect focal point for any garden. Beautifully crafted to house a full colony of British Bumblebees, which are included as part of our offering, our Bumblebee Villa is made from FSC timber, with wooden legs to raise it off the ground, rear ventilation hole and a detachable wooden roof with grey, rough felt finish for weather protection.

This truly unique offering comes with a full colony of British Bumblebees (Bombus Terrestris) which can be delivered in spring. Each colony comes with a Queen, around 60-70 workers, eggs and a food supply of sugar water housed beneath the colony itself. The Beehive will be dispatched with the bees. Live Bees can be delivered between May and July 2020, full and easy to follow instructions are provided with all orders.

Bumblebees are fantastic pollinators and are wonderful to observe at work in and around the garden. The Hive is designed and built to last many years, the colony however has a life cycle of around 2-3 months depending on the surrounding environment. New queens will be produced that will create colonies of their own in the local environment in subsequent years. The following year you can simply order a new colony to populate your villa.

A one of a kind addition to any avid wildlife enthusiasts garden and a truly unique gift for the gardener that has it all.