Fungus Fly Killer Gel Nematodes


Fungus Fly Killer nematodes are for the control of fungus fly larvae, also known as sciarid fly larvae. These tiny flies lay eggs in compost or soil that develop into tiny larvae that feed on organic matter and plant roots. In high numbers they can damage young plants and spread soil borne diseases such as pythium. Once they develop into adults they become a nuisance pest forming small clouds of flies when disturbed.  

An effective and safe method of control is with the use of the Steinernema feltiae nematodes contained in Fungus Fly Killer. These minute worm like creatures are watered into the compost or soil. The nematodes then seek out and kill the sciarid fly/fungus fly larvae, using the larvae as a reproduction site from which many more nematodes are produced. The nematodes are harmless to humans, wildlife and pets. They provide a safe, natural form of pest control. Fungus Fly Killer nematodes break the life cycle of the fungus fly, so that after a short period of time, there is a dramatic reduction in the number of larvae and therefore a corresponding drop in fungus fly numbers. The nematodes start to work shortly after application.  

Fungus Fly Killer should be watered into the compost or soil that plants or seedlings are being raised in. Make sure the compost is moist prior to application and apply with plenty of water to enable the nematodes to penetrate the compost and move through it. Fungus Fly Killer can be applied with a watering can or knapsack sprayer. Repeat applications may be required after 4 weeks to prevent the build up of fresh Fungus Fly larvae. It is also good practice to combine with the use of yellow sticky traps to catch Fungus fly adults.  

Apply the nematodes as soon as possible after receipt or store in a fridge unopened.

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