Cabbage White Killer Pack

Cabbage White Killer combines the use of nematodes and tiny parasitic wasps to attack the life cycle of Cabbage Whites at two stages. Trichogrammawasps lays their eggs inside Cabbage white butterfly [Pieris brassicae]  eggs, they also host feed on the Cabbage white eggs killing them. The parasitised eggs develop inside the Cabbage white egg , killing  the Cabbage white but using the space inside to develop into another parasitic wasp. These then hatch to look for more cabbage white eggs to attack. In nature these tiny parasites are attracted by the smell of the mating Cabbage white females and even hitch a lift on them sometimes to new cabbages , where the Cabbage white lays more eggs for the parasite to attack. Each egg can have multiple Trichogramma eggs laid inside. Cabbage White Killer should be applied when temperatures are over 15.c .They will be most effective in a protected environment such in a glasshouse or under fleece or netting. They only attack the eggs and have no effect on the caterpillars.Two cards of 2000 plus Trichogrammaeggs each are supplied in the pack, enough to treat an area of 50 square metres. The tiny wasps emerge from the sides of the cards over a few days.

To treat any Cabbage White Caterpillars , one pack of 25 million of Steinernema carpocapsae is supplied with the pack. These should be stored in a fridge until caterpillars are observed on the plants . Then apply the nematodes directly onto the caterpillars. Avoid applying in bright conditions, apply early or late in the day. Nematodes are UV sensitive and need to be applied with plenty of water. Once the nematodes come into contact with the caterpillars , they enter and kill them. One pack of Cabbage White Killer nematodes will treat an area of 50 square metres. Once the pack is open, apply all the nematodes.

The Cabbage White Killer pack provides a chemical free solution for the control of Cabbage Whites.