House Plant Sticky Insect Traps

The benefits of our House Plant Sticky Insect Traps

House Plant Sticky Insect Traps are supplied with small green canes which makes them ideal for pushing into the compost of plant pots and containers. The traps are perfectly suited to protecting plants growing on window sills, individual plants in pots, and for plants and cuttings at propagation stage.

The traps can be used for both the catching and monitoring of levels of flying insect pests. Black grids are printed on the trap so the number of insects caught can easily be counted and compared with previous catches. The traps therefore provide a perfect method of identifying whether the pest population is increasing or declining.

The traps are supplied as a pack of 5 sticky traps and 2 green canes.

Environmentally friendly 

These House Plant Sticky Insect Traps are made from our Eco Sticky Insect Traps and as such are biodegradable and not made from plastic, but instead made with treated cardboard. This degrades much quicker after use than alternative, more traditional sticky traps, which are made from plastic and remain a waste product in nature for years.

What do the traps catch?

House Plant Sticky Insect Traps can catch a range of insect pests including:

  • Whitefly
  • Leafhoppers
  • Aphids
  • Sciarid / Fungus Fly
  • Thrips

How big are the traps?

Each trap is 10cm x 8cm. The cane is 30cm long.

How do I set up the traps?

1. First remove the release paper, found on either side of the trap, to reveal the sticky surfaces of the trap.

2. Pierce the cane through the holes on the side of the sticky trap, as pictured, and plant the trap in the compost of the relevant plant you wish to protect.

3. Remove the sticky trap from the cane once all areas are covered in insects or dust, and pierce a new replacement sticky trap through the cane to repeat the process.

Where should I use these traps?

The traps can be used to protect any household plants. Simply place the traps in the pots, or containers, of your plants. Do not use outside.