Nema Super Sprayer

The Nema Super Sprayer is the ideal multifunctional hand sprayer for applying nematodes

The Nema Super Sprayer can be used with all Dragonfli nematode products up to, and including, the 50 million unit sizes. For 250 million unit sizes choose our Aquanemix applicator.

The Nema Super Sprayer includes concise instructions for nematode solution mixing and spray application.

Key features:

  • Easy to use
  • Attaches to garden hoses
  • Provides ability to easily spray solution of nematodes to lawns, soil, leaves, or pots
  • Provides a quick and easy method of applying nematodes 
  • Suitable for use with 5, 10, 25 and 50 million nematode unit sizes

General guidelines to consider when using our nematodes:

- If possible, spray the nematodes in the evening, or in cloudy conditions, as bright sunlight is damaging for nematodes

- Use nematodes as soon as possible after receipt. If wishing to store nematodes, store them in a fridge between 4 and 8℃.

- Apply the nematodes after opening the sachet. The solution of nematodes in water should not be kept or stored.

Super Sprayer Instructions for soil applications

1. Apply the nematodes when the soil temperature is above 10.

2. After treatment, try to keep the soil moist for up to two weeks. This helps the nematodes move through the soil to locate their prey.

Super Sprayer instructions for leaf applications

1. Apply the nematodes as soon as pest insects are detected.

2. Spray the nematodes directly onto the pest insects, as nematodes have limited mobility on leaf surfaces.

3. After application, try to keep the plant and leaves moist for at least two hours. This will help prevent the nematodes from drying out, and enable them to be more mobile.

Full nema super sprayer application instructions are provided on delivery.