Sportnem-H Chafer Grub Killer Nematodes


Sportnem-H contains Heterorhabditis bacteriophoranematodes for the biological control of Chafer grubs in lawns and turf. Chafer grubs feed on the roots of grass damaging the root structure and causing yellowing of lawns. Secondary damage from animals and birds trying to reach the grubs is often more damaging, as they rip and lift the turf looking for the grubs to eat. Badgers are especially damaging.

Insect pathogenic nematodes are harmless to humans, birds and animals but provide a natural form of pest control for Chafer grubs. The nematodes are watered into lawns and turf. Once they have penetrated the thatch [ irrigation important in aiding this ] and got into the soil beneath the turf , the nematodes penetrate the Chafer grubs releasing a bacteria, which kills them. It is important to irrigate prior and after nematode application and to apply on dull days as nematodes are U.V sensitive.

The addition of an adjuvant can be beneficial to aid the success of a nematode application and help the nematodes get to their target. The optimum time for Sportnem-H applications against Chafer grubs is between the end of July and October. The soil temperature should be a minimum of 12.c. The nematodes are generally more effective on the smaller grubs when they are close to the surface. For severe infestations more than one application maybe required, allow 2-4 weeks between applications.

Sportnem-H nematodes should be stored in a fridge, if not applied on receipt. They can be stored for up to 6 weeks.