Nemaflo Nematode Soil Penetrant & Carrier

Help Your Nematodes Reach Turf Pests

Nemaflo is a unique carrier specifically designed to aid the movement of beneficial nematodes in the soil. Nemaflo will help your Dragonfli nematodes spread throughout the soil and crucially assist them in reaching their target pests. 

How Much Nemaflo Do I Need?

Nemaflo is supplied in units of 250ml. The recommended rate of use is to apply 250ml to 250 litres of water.

One unit of 250ml will treat up to 2,500m2.

Where Should I Use Nemaflo?

Nemaflo is ideal for use when applying nematodes to lawns or turf.

When Should I Apply Nemaflo?

Apply Nemaflo on overcast days, or during rainfall. Do not use in high temperatures or bright sunlight. Irrigate and water the treated area after application. Avoid applying during high temperatures.

Use Nemaflo To Improve Distribution Of Our Chafer Grub Killer & Leatherjacket Killer Nematodes

Nemaflo will bolster the speed in which these nematodes are able to reach their intended pests within the soil or compost.

Can I Store Nemaflo?

Nemaflo can be safely stored for later use for up to 2-3 years.