Taurrus Snake & Reptile Mite Predators


The snake mite (Ophionyssus natricis) is a parasitic mite that feeds on the blood of snakes and lizards. These parasites are fast moving, dark in colour and will often be observed around the eyes or mouth of infected snakes. The parasites cause snakes and lizards intense irritation and can influence their behaviour, for example spending more time in water trying to rid themselves of the mites.

Taurrus is a totally natural control of the snake mite. Using a species of predatory mite that ferociously feeds on the snake mite, Taurrus provides a quick and simple solution to this problem.

  • Kills all snake mite stages including adults and eggs
  • Does not result in needless handling of the snakes or lizards
  • Has no after effects and leaves no harmful residues
  • Safe for the reptiles and the user
  • Resistance to Taurrus is not possible unlike chemicals

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How long does it last?

The Taurrus mites will last around 4 weeks and repeat applications may be needed for large infestations. Taurrus can be applied on a regular basis as a preventative treatment by applying small amounts every 4/5 weeks. Once all snake mites have been consumed Taurrus will naturally die out without a source of prey.

What size do I need?

• Taurrus M - treats 1-2 Terrariums/vivariums
• Taurrus L - treats 10-15
• Taurrus XL - treats 25-30
• Taurrus XLL- treats 50 plus

Can I store Taurrus?

You should always use Taurrus as soon as possible after delivery for best results. You cannot store the predatory mites beyond 1-2 days to see the most benefit from treatment.

How do I apply Taurrus?

Easy to use and apply, simply sprinkle onto the snake or into the vivarium/terrarium. You can also use our prevorus tubes or distribution boxes to release the predators slowly in specific areas.

* Do not use Taurrus within 2 weeks of a chemical product

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