Carrot Root Fly Killer Gel Nematodes


Carrot root fly larvae cause extensive damage to carrots. The larvae burrow into damage and disfigure carrots. Adult carrot root fly emerges from pupae in the soil from April and then lay fresh eggs that develop into more harmful carrot root fly larvae.

For control of Carrot root fly larvae apply Carrot Root Fly Killer, which contains microscopic nematodes that can be watered into soil and raised beds. The nematodes find and enter the carrot root fly larvae releasing a bacteria that kills the carrot root fly larvae. The nematodes then use the body of the larvae to reproduce in, releasing more nematodes into the surrounding area. Carrot Root Fly nematodes will stay active in the soil for about 3-4 weeks, so may need re-applying for any fresh infestations of carrot root fly.

Carrot Root Fly Killer nematodes are watered into the soil/ raised beds. Avoid applying on a sunny day, as nematodes are UV sensitive. Apply the nematodes to moist soil and keep it moist after application. This helps the nematodes to move in the soil to find the carrot root fly larvae. Carrot Root Fly Killer can be applied with a watering can or knapsack sprayer. Adult Carrot Root Flies can be monitored and caught on Carrot Fly sticky trap kits.

Carrot Root Fly Killer nematodes are supplied in two pack sizes:

- Carrot Root Fly Killer 50 million [*Gel formulation] – treats an area up to 100 square metres
- Carrot Root Fly Killer 25 million – treats an area up to 50 square metres


Apply the nematodes as soon as possible after receipt or store in a fridge un-opened. * Gel formulation has a longer shelf life in a fridge of up to 12 weeks.