Live Ladybird Lodge


A wonderful lodge to house and release your Ladybirds

This Dragonfli Live Ladybird Lodge has been designed specifically as a safe release point and retreat for your Ladybirds. It has a lovely wooden and Ladybird coloured design that would suit any garden, or greenhouse. This lodge is the perfect gift for anyone wishing to have a more interactive experience with their Ladybirds. 

Key features:

  • Clear perspex window: for prime viewing of your Ladybirds
  • Unique Ladybird tubes: to fit Ladybirds inside, and release outside lodge
  • Hinged roof: enabling you to introduce more Ladybirds in replacement tubes
  • Attractive design: Ladybird design on front of lodge to slide tubes through

How do I set up and utilise the lodge?

House the Ladybirds inside the lodge using the Ladybird tubes provided. The Ladybirds can be released, and will freely venture, out of the lodge to feed on a variety of garden pests including Aphids. 

You can also fill the inside of your lodge with rose cuttings, twigs and straw to provide a safe haven for other beneficial insects in your garden.

Choose from our product bundles to receive, or gift, the Lodge and Ladybirds together at a discounted price

The lodge is supplied in three separate product bundles for those wishing to purchase ladybirds with their lodge, or for those wishing to gift someone the lodge with a ladybird voucher that they can redeem at any time. Our bundles offer a discounted total price to the cost of purchasing a lodge and live Ladybirds / Ladybird vouchers separately from Dragonfli.

Our bundles include either the:

Lodge only

Receive the lodge ready to place in the garden.

Lodge & live Ladybirds

Receive the lodge and 25 native Two Spotted Ladybirds (Adalia bipunctata) in a release tube. Only release Ladybirds into your garden, or greenhouse, between April-September. For more information on these ladybirds see the product page for our Live Ladybird Adults here.

Ladybirds need to be released straight away so please bear this in mind if ordering as a gift, or alternatively purchase our lodge and Ladybird voucher bundle.

Lodge & voucher

Receive the lodge with a redeemable voucher for 25 native Two Spotted Ladybirds. Each voucher can be redeemed at any time on the Dragonfli website, or via phone call.

For more information on Ladybirds see the product pages for our Ladybird Larvae and Live Ladybird Adults

Ladybirds will predominantly consume most species of Aphid, but will also feed on other soft-bodied pests such as Spider Mite and Thrip. We would, however, advise use of more specific predators in tackling these pests. See our range of available Spider Mite and Thrip predators by clicking the links here.