World leader in biological control buys Dragonfli - Dragonfli

We are very excited, here at Dragonfli, to announce that the world leader in producing and supplying biological products and solutions has acquired Dragonfli.

Koppert's livestock division has purchased Dragonfli with a view to developing the business. The huge growth in online sales by consumers has led to a significant demand for more biological pest control solutions to be readily available online. With the acquisition, Koppert Livestock wishes to further structure consumer sales activities.

Jonathan Koppert, responsible for the Livestock division of Koppert, stated: "With over 10 years of experience Dragonfli can deliver a valuable contribution. There is a lot to learn from the business of Dragonfli and we expect to be able to help Dragonfli to get to the next level. Furthermore, the acquisition will provide us a platform to make more products available to the UK market".

The founder of Dragonfli, Julian Ives, believes the acquisition is a fantastic development for gardeners in the UK; "They will be able to benefit from the expertise and knowledge that Koppert has developed across the world for biological control of insect pests".

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