What is Mycorrhiza?

Quite a few gardeners know about Mycorrihza, but to many, it is all a bit mysterious. However, it is a natural fungi that is worth knowing about.

Mycorrhiza is a soil bourne fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants, to the benefit of both. it does occur naturally, but can also be increased at planting time with products like our Roots Boost Mycorrhiza.

So what are these benefits that plants derive from an application of Mycorrhiza?

Many plant types will benefit from the following if Mycorrhiza is used at planting;

  • Increased root growth
  • Increased plant survival rates
  • Improved water use efficiency
  • Great nutrient uptake
  • Better plant vigour
  • Increased ability to withstand disease

Some plants form especially strong Mycorrhizal associations, such as roses, which have even been able to survive in areas that historically have suffered from rose re-plant disease.

Mycorrhiza works best in challenging conditions for plants, so if you are planting in a nutrient poor soil, it will help the plant take up more nutrients and the same with water and drought conditions. If soils have heavy metals or high salinity in them, Mycorrhiza will also help them survive in these adverse conditions.

More and more landscapers are using Mycorrhiza when planting trees on road sides or new build developments, where the soil may be weak. Traditionally they may expect heavy plant losses in these areas, but with Mycorrhiza, this is significantly reduced.

If you are planting a new hedge this Autumn, now is the time the use Mycorrhiza to help it establish.

Our Roots Boost Mycorrhiza also contains bio stimulants and microbes to further improve plant health, so to get the best chance of plant survival, make sure you apply Roots Boost Mycorrhiza at planting.

Here’s to great plant health in your garden!

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