New Spider mite control launched - SPIDEX BOOST - Dragonfli

For many years Phytoseiulus persimilis predatory mites have provided the most effective biological control for two spotted spider mite. Dragonfli can now supply them in a sachet with a hook. The new product is called SPIDEX BOOST. This provides a rapid release system for the predators that can easily be hung on plants directly where the spider mite are present.

The sachets are supplied in units of 25 or 50 sachets. They are very easy to apply, simply cut a hole in the upper portion of the sachet close to to the carboard hook. This provides an exit point for the predators, which will then quickly leave the sachet onto the plant , ready to search out and feed on spider mites and their eggs. Hang the sachet on the plant with a bit of shade, so not in direct sunlight. Each sachet will release up to 100 predators and should be applied to plants a.s.a.p after receipt. SPIDEX BOOST is not a slow release breeding system sachet, so will not continue to produce predators over a period of time . It can be ued in combination with slow release breeding sachets products like Amblyseius californicus foil sachets to provide a complete spider mite control programme.

SPIDEX BOOST provides;

  • Biological and natural pest control of spider mites
  • Quick and easy system to apply Phytoseiulus predatory mites onto plants without using a shaker bottle
  • Leaves no carrier material on the plant
  • Enables placement of predators in difficult to reach areas
  • Provides rapid application method of predatory mites
  • Easy to use and apply


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