New colour changing spider mite predators - Dragonfli

Spider mite Killer predatory mite; Phytoseiulus persimiliswas one of the first successful biological controls introduced, providing natural and chemical free control of red spider mites. Now they have had a significant product upgrade with an improved rearing system, which provides them food during production and transportation. This results in the predators having much higher energy levels when they are released enabling them to find spider mites much more quickly. The extra nutrition early in their life also improves their egg laying capacity with the predators producing eggs very soon after they are applied to plants. This means that predator populations build up faster leading to quicker control of red spider mites. This new way of producing predatory mites has one very striking characteristic, the predators change colour after feeding on spider mites, changing from white to red, providing proof they are they are feeding on lots of red spider mites!

This new, improved biological control for red spider mite is called Spidex Vital and is replacing our standard Phytoseiulus persimilisSpider mite Killer products. Don’t be alarmed if your Phytoseiulus persimilisis a different colour when it arrives in the bottle, as most will now be white in colour on arrival but they will turn red once feeding on spider mites begins.

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