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Clothes moths can be a year-round pest in homes. There are two main culprits who do similar damage.

Most common is the webbing clothes moth Tineola bisselliellawho’s larvae can be found feeding within a dense webbing.

Also common is the case-making clothes moth Tinea pellionella who create a little case for themselves out of clothing fibres.


The larvae of the clothes moths will feed on and damage many different types of garments, especially those of natural origin like natural wool. Carpets can also be attacked and warm, contained environments like wardrobes, cupboards and airing cupboards provide an ideal environment for the larvae to develop. The larvae or caterpillars make irregular holes in fabrics.

Clothes moths can be active all year round between temperatures of 10.c and 33.c with up to 4 life cycles per year. Although the adult moths may only survive up to a month, the larvae survive and feed for 2-3 months at a time.

To see if Clothes moths are present before you see damage, we recommend placing a Clothes moth trap near or on the clothing. This will lure and catch male clothes moths and give an early warning of clothes moth activity.


For a natural and biological control of Clothes moths, introduce our Clothes moth egg parasite; Trichogramma evanescens.

The tiny wasps are supplied inside a card containing approx. 2400 eggs, which is simply placed on top of clothing or infested carpets. (Each card will cover an area of 20m2)


The Trichogrammathen emerge from the card to search out the clothes moth eggs, which they then lay their own eggs inside. This stops development of the clothes moth egg. The most effective way to use the Clothes Moth Egg Killer is by opting for a program of introductions with one card being used every 2 weeks for 8 introductions. This program is designed to fully break the clothes moth life cycle. Individual or single introductions are also available. 

Trichogramma cards cannot be stored for more than a few days before use, when using multiple applications opt for fresh deliveries rather than storing cards. 

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